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Hopeful Church Blog

"Hopeful Church" is the monthly blog Graham does for Presbyterians Today & Samaritan. It offers insights from his own ministry career, and his work as a spiritual director, coach, and therapist with clergy

  • Should We Preach Like a Prophet or an Apostle? November 2020 ~ click  here.

  • Finding Balance When the Scales Are Tipping Over, October 22 ~ click here.

  • What Did We Expect? How unrealistic expectations sabotage our ministry, September 2020 ~ click here.

  • Is Healing at the Core of Our Congregations? June 202o ~ click here.

  • Finding Meaning in a Time of Crisis, May 2020 ~ click here.

  • Pastoring in Viral Times April, 2020 ~ click here.

  • How Do We Deal with Dissenters? March 2020 ~ click here

  • Are We Open to Spiritual Experiences in Church? February 2020 ~ click here.

  • Are we too religious to be spiritual? January 2020 ~ click here.

  • The smallest things can make the biggest difference, November 2019 ~ click here.

  • Can We Be Missional if We Have Dirty Bathrooms?  October, 2019 ~ click here

  • Don't Just Inform,... Form! are we stuck in informational churches?  August, 2019 ~ click here.

  • Stop Telling Them What You Believe,... Start Telling them Why You Believe. July, 2019 ~ click here

  • Sabotaging with Hope. June 2019 ~ click here

  • Transforming Worship from Third Person to First Person. May, 2019 ~ click here

  • Are We Leading with Our Whole Brains? April, 2019 ~ click here 

  • Are We Undone by Our Expectations? February, 2019 ~ click here 

  • Does Our Leadership Heal or Inflict Pain? January, 2019 ~ click here

  • Building on a Blessed Community: Recognizing the Church’s True Center. December, 2018 ~ click here

  • Church Leadership Bedrock: What are our principles? November, 2018 ~ click here

  • Leading Like Water, not Like Lava: Is Our Leadership Fluid or Frozen? September 2018 ~ click here

  • Are we yelling too much? How to train church leaders effectively August, 2018 ~ click here 

  • Maybe We Just Don't Get It... or teaching old dogs new tricks. June, 2018 ~ click here.

  • What Good Is a Vision without a Path? May, 2018 ~ click here.

  • Does the Church Really Need to Be Fixed? April, 2018 ~ click here.

  • Your Church Is What You Believe It Is! March, 2018 ~ click here.

Wisdom Journey Blog

This is a previous monthly blog that Graham did for Presbyterians Today. It offers insights on how to develop a deeper sense of wisdom for life: 

  • "Which Is It? Science or Religion?" February, 2018 ~ click here.

  • "To Hate Hate or to Love Love..." December, 2017 ~ click here.

  • "Falling in Love with God: What Is Christian Spirituality? November 2017 ~ click here.

  • "Is Faith about Integration or Competition?" October 2017 ~ click here.

  • "The Significance of the Insignificant: finding God in the Mundane" September 2017 ~ click here.

  • "Does Belief Lead to Faith?" August 2017 ~ click here.

  • "Declaration of God Dependence" July 2017 ~ click here.

  • "Living in the Now" June 2017 ~ click here.

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