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The following are articles written by Graham Standish:


Congregational Spirituality and Leadership (articles on revitalizing ministry and congregations)

  • "Shepherding SBNR Sheep: How to Create a Church for the Spiritual but Not Religious." To read, click here.


  • “Transformational Task Forces: Leading Congregations away from Minefields.” To read, click here.

  • “From Champion to Church: How Being on a Championship Team Taught Me How to Lead a Church” To read, click here.


  • “Rational Functionalism” To read, click here.


  • “A Congregation of Mystics” To read, click here.


  • "Why Do We Worship the Way We Have Always Worshiped When People Keep Changing?" To read, click here.


  • "Plans, Prayers, and Possibilities" To read, click here.


  • “Whatever Happened to Humility? Rediscovering a Misunderstood Leadership Strength" To read,  click here.


Op-Eds Articles:

  • "America needs therapy: We should work on our political relationships as if we were married couples in counseling." August 13, 2017, in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: To read, click here.


  • "What’s a Christian to do? Many conservatives share our faith but not our compassion, while many liberals share our compassion but not our faith," March 6, 2016 in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To read more, click here.


  • “What Kind of Gun Would Jesus Carry?” in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 3, 2013. To read, click here.


  • “An Essential Presbyterian Conflict: Reformed versus Celtic Faith.” In The Presbyterian Outlook, February 18, 2013. To Read more, click here.


  • "Young people can save us: they're being trained to survive the apocalypse," Dec. 8, 2013 in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: To read, click here.


  • “Will the Millennial Generation repair the culture divisions left by the Baby Boomers?” in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 26, 2012, to Read more, click here.


  • “God or No God Is not the Only Choice” Our culture is diminished by extreme evangelicals and atheists when there is plenty of room for both faith and reason, argues the REV. N. GRAHAM STANDISH. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To Read more: click here.

  • “Abandoned by God?’ Mother Teresa's frequent bouts of spiritual emptiness tested and strengthened her faith, as they have so many others in Christian tradition, according to Rev. N. GRAHAM STANDISH. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To read more, click here.


  • “The Season and Its Reasons / Merry Christmas, However You Celebrate” The Rev. N. Graham Standish decries the purported 'war' over the holiday. He has faith that the Christmas message can shine through any obstacle. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To read more, click here. 


  • “A Country Divided by Christ” Claiming God for your political party, says the Rev. Dr. N. Graham Standish, is a dangerous folly. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To read more, click here.


  • “Advent / 'Tis the Real Season” Celebrate a time for spiritual reflection, an antidote to the consumerism and stress of Christmas. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To read more, click here.


  • “Across the Great Christian Divide” The split between evangelicals and progressives is growing deeper, says the Rev. N. Graham Standish, reflecting fault lines in society as a whole. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To read more, click here.

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